If architecture is frozen music, TwinTwin sound like someone reading an avalanche as sheet music. Making heavy use of his freeze pedal and echo effects, David is building spiraling towers of pulsing electric guitar upon Christof’s foundation of deep, droney, and distorted bass lines while Mo’s drum-grooves are the heavy horizontal beams supporting the permanently evolving structure. Dense and majestic, TwinTwin’s heavier moments are best described as dark power-kraut, but they are never far away from lighter, more asymmetric cadences, evoking the flickers of light rays through closed eyelids. A true child of the Paul-Lincke-Studio, TwinTwin formed in 2013 as a decomposition product of several now long-defunct bands and have been channeling the best of each of them ever since. Slowly creeping up on you, yet strangely comforting, their songs are the ghosts in the haunted house you never want to leave again.

9-track split E.P. with XM now available on vinyl.