15 years after their first jam a drummer,who was in UNION OF SLEEP, and a guitarist and singer, who was in (NAPHTA) and is (MERLIN DIETRICH) involved in several projects as a songwriter and musicologist, got together to form IBASOU. Their encounter in Berlin was due to a shared friend who’s name is now, as an anagram, the name of the project.

After their debut EP „Whydah“ and the spectacular Video to „The Art of Losing a Diamond“, IBASOU got back into their little studio to record three new tracks for their second EP. This time IBASOU took a different approach of how we feel in the midst of an ever developing life. Still, Ibasou keep the heavy distortion, but add more guitar effects to their wonderful rhythmic and melodic ways to make you feel in the now.

IBASOU produced a Video with film maker Jim Elson for the Song „Golden Days“.

Website: Ibasou